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When I was a child of seven my life wasn't particularly wonderful. But one day it was made quite wonderful. I cried myself to sleep and was awoken by an angel. He said to me "I am the Archangel Gabriel. I will always be with you, all through your life. Things may not always be nice for you. There will sometimes be pain. But I will always be there to protect you. No harm will ever come to you. Remember......I am always there beside you, watching over you". I sensed extreme joy and love and I KNEW.

Monday, January 27, 2014

2014......Archangel Gabriel did not let me down

January 27th
Thank you Gabriel for bringing me love and happiness and an angel in human form......the AMP.....xxxxxxx

Saturday, March 23, 2013

It's snowing angels

It's snowing angels........ I swear to god. Look at them on the window....I know you'll think I'm spooky and weird but that is where the other angel vibrations appeared sometime back. Where I'm standing with the camera is the spot where approx 17 vibrations manifested when I first moved here.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Saturday, January 14, 2012

14th Jan 2012.

Thank you Gabriel for your strong presence today, recently and always.
Thank you for bringing me TRUE friends♥♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥.✫*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My GAG.......Guardian Angel Gabriel

Thank you for being with me throughout my life. Still just a breath away..I am conscious of your presence especially at tricky times.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

My latest Angel sighting- a silent chorus of angels

I recently relocated from a house to a high-rise apartment.
I was initially sceptical about the move as I have lived for the past 30 years in houses. To live in an apartment (condo), with no balcony, and neighbours either side and above and below was a bit of a sea change. Plus the place needed modernisation. I hadn't bought a beautiful newbuild. I was going to have to totally renovate it and thus I would be living in builders' rubble for several weeks. Not a comforting prospect.

The compensatory factor, though, was the magnificent views across London (Big Ben, London Eye, Westminster Abbey, Crystal Palace, the new Wembley Arc). Best of all, I would be living next door to my son. Bliss :) absolute fluke how that came about. But of course, as in everything,...... 'meant to be'.

On my first night in the flat, I awoke in the early hours. There were no blinds, so there was light in the room, the lights of the city. But there was also another lumenescence, a vibration, right before my eyes. I'd say about a yard in front of my face, there hovered a host of shimmering angels - maybe seventeen of them, each about the size of a hand. I had a sense of them communicating with me. The nearest I can describe them to our human understanding is that they were like large white fluorescent moths or fairies. But I don't want to put them in the realm of fantasy as they were real. They were definitely there. I blinked and they were still there. I felt they were welcoming me. I said 'Thank you' out loud to them, after which I blinked again and they were gone. But they had been there, floating, vibrating, for about 30 seconds.
The message they were giving me was that I had made the right move. They were welcoming me to my new home. I lay there thinking about them for some time. It was important for me to know that I was awake and not dreaming.
(3-4 yrs later I became seriously ill and had a major op to remove a tumour in my pancreas. When I was in hospital and also when I was home recuperating, I could not have managed without the daily help, care and loving assistance of my son, and a close girlfriend of his. What had prompted me to move right next door to my son 3-4 yrs before? I wasn't to know that I would be almost totally incapacitated for a while 4 yrs later. I had hardly been ill in my adult life.
The Angels message to me was clear..I was in the right place)

I did fall back to sleep and then another wonderful thing happened. Just after 6.00am, I was greeted by a most beautiful sunrise. I had no idea that I would be able to see the sunrise from my apartment. What a blessing. Later I would discover that the setting sun shone thru my bedroom windows. Who knew? xxx So I see both glorious sun rises and sunsets in my apartment. Blessful, golden moments.......:)

View from my window, New Years Eve, 2006. That's Big Ben. How cool is that?

Wednesday, January 17, 2007



Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I'm HAPPY - November 2006


Saturday, August 06, 2005

Guardian Angels and Dolphins

When the pupil is ready the teacher will arrive.

I was walking on the beach in Naples Florida. 6.30 am. January 1999. Very sad. My then partner had decided I wasn't the one for him and was being pretty cruel to me. It was the new year and we'd gone on our last golfing holiday. He'd dumped me on xmas day, which was nice of him. I was hoping he didn't mean it. (He did). He allowed me on the pre-booked holiday, even though he didn't really want me along with him, and he made it plainly clear. I had a miserable time.
I couldn't sleep. Feeling distressed I went for a walk on the beach. About a hundred yards offshore I saw a fin, which I thought for a moment was a shark. (Hey........I'm a London girl...........we don't get to see too many sharks in the Thames).
It was gliding towards me.
I realised it was a dolphin.
It was by now about 100 feet offshore. I had learnt to call dolphins in the Red Sea a year before, when I summoned 17 dolphins to the boat I was on, by whistling out to an empty sea. They came in a school and frolicked in front of me, making eye contact and then swimming off.

I whistled this dolphin (thru my fingers), and it whistled back. Twice.
Suddenly I felt overwhelmed with serenity, like it was telling me I wasn't alone.
A lady walking down the beach strode quickly over to me and said she'd never witnessed a dolphin responding like that before with an identical whistle.
This for me was a Guardian Angel moment. I just felt absolutely engulphed in peace.
It was a message to me.
A connection from a higher source.

Interestingly this partner, let's call him 'N', was totally obsessed with making money and worth sixteen million (GB pounds) on paper, when I met him. But I heard he ended up penniless, a place he would not want to be. Unless of course he found the true meaning of spiritual existence. Money means nothing in the nonphysical world. It's immaterial. ;)

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Yes........Guardian Angels brought me to this place


That is ME in the BLIAR hat, standing next to Blair after he had just won (to our grief) another murderous term in office. I was a candidate, standing gainst him in his Sedgefield constituency
  • more info here but beware - strong language

  • I am there for a reason.
    Contrary to what you might believe, I'm NOT an exhibitionist. For me to wear that hat was quite difficult in a way.
    We were told to arrive at the Election 'count' at 10.00pm. Blair himself did not arrive until 1.15am. I didn't put the hat on until I heard that he was walking thru the door.
    I knew I had to wear it and somehow at some point stand slightly behind him so that I could be photographed by my agent's partner down in the audience.
    I did not and could not have manoevred myself into that position.
    IT HAPPENED. And it was meant to be.
    Because Bliar took no blairing notice of poor Reg Keys..the man on the podium in the pic, whose son had been slain by a mob in Iraq.
    And he took no blairing notice of the British public. In our millions we protested. And in our millions he ignored us.

    It was meant to be, that a woman stood next to him wearing a hat that screamed (B)LIAR, because each time in the future that the reign of 'President' Blair is recalled, when his autobiog is written and all reality airbrushed out, this picture will remain hanging in the achives of his soul, one hopes, picturing the stark reality of the times. Bliar's despotic drive for power and money. His clownishness that he thought he could fool us. Oh yes he did fool some. Pulled the wool well over.
    But you know what? One day it will all be revealed. He will come before his god.....and he will have to examine what he did. He that professed along with the Bush creep deep Christianity, whilst directing the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of innocent children in Iraq and now Afghanistan. When you meet your maker Bliar, you shall be unmade. When you stand there in your socks before God, with none of your cronies to speak for you, you will learn the futility of earthly power and material possessions.

    On my path to that Sedgefield platform, I learnt a lot in terms of politics, (actually I renamed it poolitics....such a shit biz it was), people and myself. I was thwarted often, but each time I felt like chucking it in, the sun came out on my experience, and I continued til I reached that podium next to the Bliar.

    Yes my foray into the public arena of politics has ended. I did what I felt I had to do. My little contribution...putting my money where my mouth was. It hasn't changed the world, but it's changed my knowledge of the world.

    Thursday, May 26, 2005 deleted.......pic lost on Flickr

    Monday, May 23, 2005

    My second Guardian Angel moment

    I was walking my dog today and for no discernable reason I remembered something from way back. Now, I don't have photographic memory. What I am gifted with is Video Memory. I see things, not in single frames, but in moving moments. Very clearly. I was 10, swimming at the seaside where I grew up. I went under the water, and I knew I was drowning. That's what happens if you're a kid who can't swim properly and you're dog-paddling in a current stronger than you.
    My life was literally flashing before me, all in very sharp video. I was kind of resigned that this was it, and was sort of going with it. (hey - how going with the flow was that? :). Nobody was there to save me, and even that resentment subsided.
    I could hear children's squeals and adult voices, the sound of the seaside. But I was like a brick, a paralysed thing. I guess I gave it over to God at that moment.

    Suddenly a hand grabbed hold of me and hoisted me out of the water. I knew I was being saved - by a lady with short dark curly hair, whom I didn't know. Thank you I said as I coughed up the vile-tasting salty water. She smiled, 'that's alright love', in such a matter of fact way that I wondered if I had been drowning at all. I flipped over onto my back to float and rest, looked around but she was gone. Vanished

    There was nobody nearer to me than a couple, about fifteen feet away, hand-holding, standing hip-high in the water, facing the shore with their backs to me. My situation had not alerted them. They were locked into their own world.
    I can remember thinking it couldn't have been them who saved me because they couldn't have waded over to that spot in time. There was nobody else nearby.
    Was she my Guardian Angel in earthly form? Or was it the kindness of strangers? Or both?
    I have only just realised how seminal that moment was in my life.
    (There's a merit to getting old(er) and having penny dropping moments)

    I guess I knew from very early on that I was here to crack this life on my own. But I would always be helped. To trust in the big plan.

    Sunday, May 15, 2005

    Archangel Gabriel..My first Guardian Angel

    When I was a child of seven my life wasn't particularly wonderful. (constant parental conflict) But one day it was made wonderful.
    I cried myself to sleep and was awoken by an angel.
    He said to me "I am the Archangel Gabriel. I will always be with you, all through your life. Things may not always be nice for you. There will sometimes be pain. But I will always be there to protect you. No harm will ever come to you. Remember......I am always there beside you, watching over you".

    I sensed extreme joy and love and I KNEW. I knew that I was safe. Sure enough right up to this very moment (as I edit and revise today it's July 2010) there have been many hairy times. But Gabriel has come thru to lead me on the correct path, out of the misery, into the calm and peace. Thank you Gabriel, thank you God.